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Brainy Bears
Alphabet & Phonics Sound Chart


UPC 722458740610
The Brainy Bears are here to help your child understand the alphabet, expand their vocabulary and begin them on their path to reading using the phonics method.

This double-sided sound chart packs in the learning with 7 different learning modes presenting letter names and phoneme sounds.
Designed for ages 3-6.

Product Features:

  • BRITISH ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION AND SPELLING - Our Sound Chart was created by English teachers especially for the UK market. The Brainy Bears Talking Poster gives preschool kids a head start over the competition.

  • GO BEYOND ABC AND JUMPSTART YOUR CHILDS READING - Master the Alphabet then Flip over the poster to continue the fun with 2 and 3 letter phonics! Phonics is the modern way of teaching children how to read and write. Used in UK schools

  • NO MESSY TOYS ON THE FLOOR - Includes an adhesive wall hook to make the perfect addition to your child's bedroom or playroom without taking up space; Easy to use and no setup required just hang it on the wall and watch them play and learn for hours

  • MASTER LETTERS AND LETTER SOUNDS - Interactive learning activities; Presents words using phonetically appropriate examples; Quiz games with encouragement and feedback; Letter recognition of lower and uppercase in a child-friendly handwritten font

  • A WINNING GIFT, CHILDREN LOVE IT - Catches their attention and keeps children busy while reducing screen time; Easy to press buttons mean that they can learn and play unsupervised; Gives parents a break; Volume control allows for peace and quiet too

Product Description


Your little learner will get years of use from this interactive cognitive talking poster as it takes them through learning colours and numbers, letter recognition and ABCs all the way to phonics and the development of their early reading skills.
Younger children will love listening to the songs and exploring the musical features such as the piano keys. While you take a well-earned break you'll see the older siblings want to join in and teach their younger brother or sister using this educational tool.



Our interactive talking poster is double sided which means it is much more than just the alphabet.
Once they've mastered their ABCs turn over and double up their learning with phonics. Here they'll learn:
Long vowel sounds like in the words cAkE, rAIn and dAY.
Two letter phoneme sounds such as SH, TH, WH.
Letter combinations with more than one sound. Such as the difference between the OW sound in cow and bow.



Mode 1: Press the button and hear the letter
Mode 2: Press the button to hear the sound
Mode 3: Press the button to hear the picture word
Mode 4: Listen to a letter and find it
Mode 5: Listen to a word and find the picture
Mode 6: Practice pronunciation by repeating after the teacher
Mode 7: Listen to songs & play piano


Does it take batteries?
Yes, the product requires 3 x AAA batteries which are not included in the box.

How many posters are included?
The box includes one poster that is double-sided. Both sides have buttons and produce sounds.

Does it play songs?
Yes it plays songs.

Which songs are included?
ABC Song, Teddy Bear Picnic Melody and 5 Little Teddy Bears.

Can it be attached to the wall?
Yes, and an adhesive wall hook is included in the box.

Does the poster display lower-case & upper-case letters?
Yes, it displays examples of both.

What size is the product?
It is 60 x 40 cm.

Is it suitable for a 3 year old?
Yes, it is suitable for children aged 3-7

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