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BAMBingo Sight Words Game


The BAMBingo Sight Words Game is a fun yet highly educational tool designed to help supercharge you child's reading by introducing, practicing and mastering 108 high frequency words.

What are Sight Words?

Sight Words - sight words in the truest sense are words that do not follow traditional English spelling and pronunciation patterns. Therefore for learners to be able to read them they must be able to recognize them by sight. 

e.g. he, I, here, go, the

High Frequency Words - as the name suggests HF words are words that are most commonly used in the English Language. 

e.g. I, a, the, in, it

As many words are both sight words and high frequency words therefore they are usually grouped together and referred to under the umbrella term Sight Words.

BAMBingo vs. Bingo

More dimensions to gameplay to ensure greater difficulty, more interesting challenges and way more fun! Contains Two Difficulty Levels, Twemoji tokens and Cover Challenges which ask learner to analyse and use target words

Play in the Classroom and on Family Game Night

2 to 24 players. Can be played 1-on-1, in big groups or as a whole class; Super Easy to Use and Play Independently, Children love calling out the words and are eager to win and shout BINGO!!

Thick Long Lasting Premium Cards; Die-cut with Rounded Corners and Waterproof Coating; Strong and Resistant to Grubby hands; No need to rip and tear up flimsy corrugated paper cards yourself

Designed for ages 4-8.



Your Child will master 108 High Frequency Words

Recognize Read and Spell Common Sight Words; Supercharge their Reading Progress and Literacy; Fun Motivating Challenges ensure Vocab Study and Practice is an Engaging Enjoyable activity for parent and child, teacher and students.


Playing in the Classroom

BAMBingo was created by teachers. It's a great classroom game for some Friday Fun while reviewing and practicing sight words.

The Bambino Tree was founded by a couple of English Teachers who cut their teeth in classrooms across the globe.

We custom design all the Bambino Tree's own Learn to Read educational games to aid parents and teachers alike.

With 24 Game sheets per level the game can be used by teachers in the classroom. There is nothing like a little competition to get students enthusiastic and engaged.


What Words are included?

Our game contains 108 carefully chosen sight words separated into two levels.

Level 1 is 54 sight words designed for complete beginner readers. This level is for preschool and kindergarten children ages 4-6. Many of these words feature on Grade 1 sight words lists.

Level 2 is 54 sight words designed for developing early readers. This level is for kindergarten and first grade children, ages 5-7. Many of these words feature on Grade 1 and Grade 2 sight words lists.

All 108 words feature on Dolch's and Fry's Sight Words Lists.


Cover Challenges


Spice up the game! The 8 Challenge cards with 16 Cover Challenges add elements of skill and difficulty to the BAMBingo game.

Analyze spellings! Challenge learners to analyze the target vocabulary more carefully resulting in greater learning progress.

Practice pronunciation! Read the sight words, don't just identify them. This gives opportunities to practice pronunciation while playing.

A Variety of Challenges! Count letters in a word, Read and pronounce words, Identify letters in a word, Use a word in a sentence.



The BAMBingo game is fun and engaging whether it is 2 players or 24 players.

It's extremely easy to setup and play that siblings could play together independently.

Older, more advanced enjoy being the Bingo Caller and calling out the words to the other players.

Younger, less advanced students can focus on recognizing the words on their sheet and still have as much chance of winning as the more advanced players.

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