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Brainy Bears
Alphabet & Phonics Sound Chart

The Brainy Bears are here to help your child understand the alphabet, expand their vocabulary and begin them on their path to reading using the phonics method.

This double-sided sound chart packs in the learning with 7 different learning modes presenting letter names and phoneme sounds.
Designed for ages 3-6.

  • MORE EDUCATION FOR YOUR BUCK! - Unlike other ABC toys and posters on the market, The Brainy Bears Sound Chart teaches more than just the alphabet. Flip over to the green side of the mat to continue the fun with two-letter and three-letter phonics!

  • LEARN TO READ - Phonics is the modern method of choice for US schools in teaching children how to read. The Brainy Bears Talking Education Poster gives preschool, kindergarten and homeschool kids a head start over the competition. 

  • FREE WALL HOOK AND E-BOOK - This electronic chart can be used on the floor, table or wall. Use the adhesive wall hook to make the perfect addition to your classroom or playroom without taking up space. Also includes "A Parents Guide to Phonics" ebook and printable progress charts.

  • DESIGNED BY TEACHERS - The interactive cognitive learning activities present words using phonetically appropriate examples with precise pronunciation. There are also quiz games with encouragement and feedback as well as letter recognition of lowercase and uppercase letters.

  • CHILDREN LOVE IT - Will keep your child busy and reduce screen time. The easy to press buttons means that they can learn and play unsupervised which gives parents a nice break. The volume control allows for some peace and quiet too.


Jumpstart your Child's Reading Education and Decrease their Screen Time

Your little learner will get years of use from this interactive cognitive talking poster as it takes them through learning colors and numbers, letter recognition and ABCs all the way to phonics and the development of their early reading skills. To see them set off on their journey to becoming a young reader is an emotional and rewarding experience for any parent.


Track your Child's Progress and Don't get left in the Dark when it comes to Phonics

The Brainy Bears Sound Chart comes with a free e-book which contains a Parents guide to Phonics and Printable Progress tracking charts so you'll be able to see, reward and encourage your child's rapid progress.
To see these developmental leaps mapped out is both motivational for the child and reassuring for the parent.


Avoid Confusion and Start their Phonics Learning the Correct Way

The Brainy Bears Sound Chart was created by Teachers for Parents. Unlike many other Alphabet learning posters on the market, it displays both upper-case and lower-case letters and it teaches the letters, phoneme sounds and phonics using expertly selected phonetically appropriate words.

E.g. Teach the letter "g" using words like Garden, Golf, Grass or Gift as they all have a /g/ sound. However, we cannot teach this /g/ sound with Giraffe as it has a /j/ sound.


Gives Parents some Peaceful Personal Time while they Learn Independently

Large easy to press buttons mean 3-6 year old children can play by themselves. The adjustable volume enables quiet play. Younger children will love listening to the songs and exploring the musical features such as the piano keys. While you take a well-earned break you'll see the older siblings want to join in and teach their younger brother or sister using this educational tool.


Fun and Educational Without Mess or Tidy Up

There is a free wall hook included in the box so the electronic learning chart can be hung on the wall where it takes up no space. It doesn't create any mess or need tidying away. The automatic shut-off saves battery life when they are done.

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