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The Bambino Tree brand

The Bambino Tree is a specialist children's brand designed by parents for parents.

Our mission is to make your parenting life easier and to support your child's education.

Our Brand is created by teachers with over 12 years of experience teaching languages across the globe. We've worked in inside classrooms in Colombia, China, Russia and the United Kingdom. We understand the process of language acquisition for both native learners and non-native learners and tailor our product to assist parents in educating their child in a fun and interactive way. Our goal is to create products that foster an enjoyable learning experience between parents and children as well as delivering educational benefits that will give your child an edge over the competition.

Evolution of the brand

thebambino EDIT2-01.png
New-Age-Making (1).png

The Bambino Tree brand and product line are owned by New Age Making.

A limited liability company based in the U.K.

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