The Newborn Routine That Will Help Your Baby Fall Asleep Faster

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

If you love baby sleep tips that will help your baby sleep better, then you’ll love this newborn routine and baby checklist.

Did you know that by six to eight weeks, babies show clear signs that they can predict what will happen during feeding and sleep routines? Which means, your baby can easily identify pre-nap and bedtime routines when done consistently.

Routines help babies…

  • Know what to expect. They are soothing and comforting.

  • Feel safe. The safer babies feel, the more they relax.

  • Get sleepy. When babies go through a pre-sleep routine, it helps trigger their bodies natural sleep hormones.

“ Helping everyone follow the same pre-nap and bedtime routine for your baby makes a huge difference.”

Here’s the newborn routine we typically use before bedtime:

  1. Bath / wash up. This is usually with just water and a rag under the neck and to the hands, feet and groin.

  2. Clean diaper. 

  3. Lotion / massage. This is incredibly soothing for babies, but it also help give their brain important sensory input.

  4. Pajamas. It was the one time of day I always changed my babies’ outfits to help them know it was bedtime.

  5. Feed. All that really matters is that the baby gets a hearty full feed right before bedtime.

  6. Swaddle. Wrap in bed sheets or in a sleep sack.

  7. Sing a quick lullaby. Sing the same song to help the baby trigger their sleepy hormones and know it’s time for sleep.

  8. Turn on white noise. We always use gentle white noise sounds or fan sounds will do the trick. It helps mimic the sound babies are used to in the womb.

  9. Lay down awake, but drowsy. If you can do this to support your baby’s independent sleep, it’s so helpful.

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