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Where to begin?

You’re stood there, Hedgehog in one hand, crying baby in the other. It’s hard to know where to start. “Excuse me, little one. Would you like to hear white noise or fan sounds this evening?” If only it was that easy. We need to try different settings to find out what the child likes and in what situations. Time to put that science we learnt at school to good use! We are dealing with 4 variables:

Position Definitions

To Begin with...

The table below shows our recommended settings for each age group, they’re a good place to start but this is not a one size fits all scenario, each infant is different. If the recommended settings aren’t working for you feel free to play around (see page 7). The only absolute rule is that the Hush Hedgehog position should not be within 50cm of an infant less than 12 months old while they are unsupervised (i.e. bedtime). To begin with we suggest using low volume settings, the idea is to get the intended result (a peaceful sleeping baby) at the lowest possible volume.

Playing around with the settings

Ok, plan B, you’ve tried the recommended settings and you getting no results or inconsistent results, sometimes it may seem the soundtrack is agitating the little one even more. Oh well, we have your money now so who cares! I’m kidding, of course. We advise perseverance and some strategic thinking. Here are some advanced tactics for the following scenarios.

Scenario 1: “I never knew babies could be so loud” Aim - stop the crying

It is tempting when the baby is screaming blue murder to ramp the Hush Hedgehog up to max volume and cycle through all the soundtracks to find a miracle cure, maybe you’ve tried this already. It doesn’t really work. If the baby itself is ramped up to max volume then try to comfort them yourself, do your normal checks, hungry? too hot? too cold? wrapped up tightly enough? dirty nappy? We know no amount of Rockabye Baby is going to fix these issues. Once their immediate needs are taken care of use the Hush Hedgehog to try and calm them. We advise keeping the volume low (levels 1-5), choosing one soundtrack and sticking to it for at least 2 minutes. Babies often like consistent sounds so cycling quickly through the soundtracks might distress them further. If they do not calm after 2 minutes then switch the soundtrack.

Scenario 2: “It’s bedtime but they just won’t settle”

Aim - put a fussy baby to sleep

Ok it’s time to go to bed. How do we communicate this to a baby? The best way is through routine. We want to build a consistent bedtime routine that lets them know it is time to go to sleep. The Hush Hedgehog can be an excellent tool in establishing a consistent routine once the baby makes a connection between the soundtrack, the lighting and going to sleep. This why we see the best results when we persevere with one soundtrack. A routine is not established after one or two tries. We need to keep it going. If you wish to test multiple soundtracks, try using one for naptime and one for bedtime. This can also help the baby understand the difference between the two and in the long-term create a consistent sleeping pattern. So be patient with your testing, research suggests it takes 21 days to form a new habit, see this as the bedding in period for the Hush Hedgehog. Keep your eyes on the prize, a soothing bedtime routine will result in less resistance at bedtime, less wakings during the night and healthy long-term sleep habits.

Scenario 3: “I can’t do another 3am wake-up”

Aim - to get them to sleep through the night

A whole night of sleep with zero interruptions! That is the dream folks, that is the dream. Now lets be realistic, waking up during the night and crying is what babies do. If the baby is less than 4 months old, it may remain a dream for a while longer. However, at 4-8 months, most babies will be physically and emotionally ready to sleep through. This is when we can use the Hush Hedgehog’s cry sensor as a soothing device that allows them to go back to sleep without you rushing in. See page 11 for advice on how to use the cry sensor as part of your sleep training.