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Hush Hedgehog

The Hush Hedgehog is a baby sleeping aid with built-in night light and sound machine. 

The Hush Hedgehog plays white noise, musical lullabies, heartbeat and womb sound with a Cry Sensor activation feature.

The Hush Hedgehog is specifically designed to calm restless or crying newborns so the whole family get a good nights sleep.

  • Super Soft plush toy

  • 6 soundtracks

  • Warm glow nightlight

  • A 30-minute timer

  • Adjustable lamp brightness

  • Adjustable volume

  • Cry Sensor

  • Easy-press controls

  • Suitable for use from birth



  1. It has a unique plush toy design, this is the only Hedgehog shusher on the market. It's cute, furry and made of super soft fabric of the highest quality.

  2. The easy press buttons in the ears, hands and feet mean the Hush Hedgehog can also assist with your child's early brain development; as your baby turns into a toddler they will learn to operate the toy themselves.

  3. It's packed with all the essential features.



Music box plays 6 different soundtracks including white noise, heartbeat and womb sounds, Brahms lullaby, Rockabye baby lullaby, shushing ocean sounds and fan sounds; all designed to create a therapeutic bedtime setting.


Volume controls to be set to your babies preferences.


A 30-minute timer; the light and audio will stop automatically once everyone is sound asleep.


Warm glow night light with adjustable brightness controls for the perfect ambience.



The long velcro strap can attach to the babies cot or crib at home. It also can be hung from their pram, buggy, pushchair, stroller, car seat or headrest. It can be installed almost anywhere!


Enables you to recreate a familiar, safe, soothing environment wherever you go. Whether it's a long drive, a holiday or a weekend trip to Grandma's the Hush Hedgehog can be their travel buddy.



What better baby shower gift for a new parent then the gift of peaceful rest.


The built-in Cry Sensor means the Hush Hedgehog will be on call throughout the night, listening.... if a baby is heard crying at 3am the Hedgehog will be first on the scene to help comfort them back to sleep with its musical lullabies.



Many infants love white noise and other consistent sounds as they mimic the sound they could hear in the mother's womb. The noises make them feel safe.


However, we understand that every baby is unique, which is why The Bambino Tree offers a 60-day money back guarantee. If the Hush Hedgehog just isn't right for your baby simply contact us to receive a full refund. No questions asked.

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Battery pack

Battery pack

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